What does “Flat Fee” Legal Service mean?

Our Flat Fee Services:

We are pleased to offer Flat Fee legal services for certain specific types of legal needs, especially to new clients. We want to get to know you and your business, we do not want you to be hesitant in calling us, if you have any questions!

Our deep knowledge, our expertise and our experience has shown us as to how long a typical issue takes to resolve, or how long a typical agreement takes to draft. We can estimate the time and resources spent on it and can either give you a flat fee estimate or “not to exceed” certain cost estimate. Not to exceed certain cost estimates are given when at the outset, we may not know all the facts and there are contingencies in the tasks involved. If a particular task or a draft turns out to be a lot simpler than we expected, we do not bill you for the whole amount.

All of our clients appreciate the flat rate legal services because it helps them budget and helps them decide how much resources to put on that legal issue. We strive to be cost efficient and more importantly cost effective.

So what do the “Flat Fee” legal services mean? First of all, Flat Fee does not mean unlimited, and Flat Fee does not mean in perpetuity.

It means that the specified task to be completed to your satisfaction, for a flat fee quoted to you. For transactional work, i.e., agreement drafting etc., this typically includes up to three iterations and revisions. If it requires more than three revisions, we are probably not being the most efficient! If the agreement is to be negotiated, the process typically includes about 4 or 5 iterations and revisions. If you task exceeds these numbers of revisions, to the extent possible, we will work with you, as long as the task is moving to a conclusion, we can probably accommodate you, but we do reserve the right to charge extra if the process is unreasonably extended.

Most of the time, we base our flat free legal services fees on the information you provide to us as to the underlying facts and the complexity involved. If we find that a completely new issue has arisen which was not within the scope of our services, we will discuss the fees with you.

Thankfully, for all the times and all the years that we have offered Flat Fee legal services, we had never had to invoke the extra-fee for a task that we agreed to do on a flat fee basis.

Currently we offer the following services on a flat rate basis:

Start Your Business:

  • New entity formation and related services
  • Startup services, related corporate work
  • Drafting appropriate shareholders or directors resolutions
  • initial investment in a company (promissory notes, convertible note, conversion etc.)
  • pre-investment due diligence
  • Friends and family investment
  • Angel round investment
  • Series A investments in a company
  • Bridge Loan agreement
  • Representation of Founders in any round of investments
  • Drafting term-sheets; converting a term sheet in to a full contract
  • Benefit plans, vesting plans, stock option policies and issuance, equity compensation plans
  • Director compensation plan
  • Warrant conversion agreement

Grow Your Business:

  • Private placement memorandums (PPM)
  • Partnership agreements
  • Buy-Sell agreement for stock
  • Constancy agreement
  • Earn out agreement
  • Settlement agreement
  • Proxy agreement, voting agreement

Get The Right People:

  • Employment agreement
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Non Disclosure or confidentially agreements
  • Key man insurance
  • Severance agreement

Expand Your Business

  • Specific asset purchase agreement
  • Strategic alliance agreement
  • Joint development agreement
  • Joint venture agreement
  • Letter of intent
  • Sale/purchase of goods – UCC contracts
  • Distribution agreement
  • Limited Warranties
  • Export import agreements
  • Agreements for Chinese supplier
  • Agreements for Indian suppliers
  • Foundry Agreement


  • Website legal review – terms and conditions, privacy policies
  • e-commerce policies review
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations for e-commerce
  • email and social media policies for employees
  • Domain name issues, buy-sell agreements for domain names
  • representation at ICANN for domain name dispute and filing a complaint or responding to a complaint
  • Effective disclaimers


  • Outsourcing agreement
  • Software development agreement
  • Software installation and maintenance agreement
  • Software licenses
  • Software warranties
  • Technology transfer agreement

Intellectual Property

  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark review and registration
  • Trademark license agreements
  • Branding policies, co branding agreement
  • Provisional patent drafting
  • Initial full utility patent drafting
  • Responses to the office action from Patent and trademark office
  • Foreign filings and prosecution of the patents at international level
  • No objection letter

Trade Secrets

  • Trade secret loss prevention
  • Confidentiality agreements with employees
  • Preservation of customer and supplier lists
  • Know-how transfer agreements
  • Alpha and beta test agreements

IP monetization

  • patent auctions
  • patent broker agreements
  • Patent enforcement firms
  • Funding agreement for invention
  • IP sale or acquisition during bankruptcy

Protect Your Business

  • Fairness opinion
  • Freedom to operate opinion – Patents
  • Patent infringement opinion
  • Patent validity opinion
  • Pre litigation due diligence

Asset Protection

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Family partnership/family LLC
  • Friendly Lien
  • Asset protection trust
  • installment Notes

Online Activities

  • DMCA take down notices
  • Responses to DMCA notices
  • Agent for DMCA
  • online defamation
  • remove objectionable blog postings
  • Online copyright infringement

Merger and Acquisition

  • Letter of intent
  • Agreement and merger plan
  • pre acquit ion due-diligence
  • fairness opinion
  • Contingent liabilities review
  • Opinion of Counsel
  • Compliance certification
  • Antitrust and regulatory review
  • Key employee terms
  • Break fee agreements
  • Acquisition agreement
  • Asset assignment agreements


  • Enforcement of arbitration clause
  • selection of arbitration venue and arbitrator
  • Arbitration representation

Not all services are available in every situation. Please contact us by calling us at 855-TOP-LAW1 or 213-785-7620 or using the contact form. You can also email us at info at kalaralaw.com