Patent Filing and Patent Litigation

No matter the size or nature of your business a strategic approach to protecting your ideas is essential. Kalara Law Firm offers a comprehensive patent service, including:

  • Patent drafting in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications directly at the USPTO and European Patent Office and world-wide via our network of trusted overseas patent professionals
  • Representing clients at all levels within United States Patent and Trademark Office, including oppositions, appeals and two recent referrals to the Board of Appeal
  • Portfolio audit and strategic advice
  • Search and watching
  • Renewals
  • Infringement and Validity Opinions
  • Coordinating litigation in the UK and Internationally
  • Due diligence work for funding, stock market flotation, business or project acquisition
  • Supporting license negotiations and the exploitation of IP rights for revenue opportunities
  • Patent valuation services
  • pre-litigation due diligence

We act in all matters relating to patent prosecution, maintenance and enforcement. We prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in the US and European Patent Offices. We arrange for the filing of non-US national patent applications through local attorneys in all significant countries in the world and oversee the prosecution of the patent applications to grant.

We act in patent infringement negotiations and litigation, whether for patent proprietors or defendants. We also provide patent clearance advice and/or prior art searches.

We recognize the importance of the global marketplace and therefore maintain a relationship with local counsel throughout the world. We have particularly close links with local attorneys in all of the major world economies.

All of our patent attorneys specialize in one or more of the usual technical fields of chemistry, engineering and physics, and all have particular specialist expertise within those fields.

Patent protection may be pursued via several different means that include:

(1) Utility Patent – Utility of processes, machines, manufactures, and/or compositions of matter

(2) Design Patent – Ornamental design of an article of manufacture

(3) Plant Patent – New and distinct, invented or discovered asexually reproduced plant

(4) Reissue Patent – Correct errors in utility, design or plant patents

(5) Defensive Publication – Publication that prevents others from patenting the utility, design or plant

(6) Statutory Invention Registration – New form of defensive publication

Please contact Kalara Law Firm for all your patent related questions.