Insurance Law

We specialize in complex insurance transactions. Life settlements, premium financing, ILIT and  the use of life insurance products for tax strategy, wealth transfer and asset protection. Let us guide you through the maze of insurance regulations. 

What is Premium Financing?

Premium financing is a short-term loan for businesses and individuals to use to pay for their property and casualty insurance coverage. Instead of paying the entire premium up front, our clients are able to spread the payments out over the course of the policy. People with cash flow constraints or wanting to mitigate gift taxes, or alternatively sufficient cash flow but in high performing assets they don’t want to liquidate, should consider premium financing.

What can Kalara Law do to help me in premium financing?

Kalara law can you in every step of the loan and the premium financing transactions. This includes setting up trusts, interfacing with the insurance company and setting up the agreements with the credit grantor and lender.

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