Asset Protection

60% of America’s millionaires have considered engaging in asset protection planning. Have you?
We assist clients in establishing unbreakable Asset Protection Plans that are legal and fully effective.

What is Asset Protection planning?

Asset Protection is the process where you organize your financial affairs to safeguard your assets from the risk of exposure. The purpose is to legally convert assets that could be collected following a lawsuit into assets that are out of the reach of your creditors.


When should you start asset protection planning?

The best time to start protecting your assets is before you are in litigation. In fact, the best asset protection plans start long before there is any sign of a lawsuit.


Why should you start asset planning along with your estate planning?

By preparing your estate plan, you should learn your current net worth and  some plans for how much wealth you are going to earn in the future. At this point, you can review your current assets to see which creditors can go after and whether they can be protected.



If you are interested in working with someone who can help you with both your estate planning and with protecting your assets, contact our offices.