Our Specialities

Business Transactions
Estate Planning
Asset protection
Intellectual Property
Premium Financing
Emerging Companies/ Startups

We can also assist you with:

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Claims
  • Publicity Rights
  • Unfair Competition
  • Internet Related Law Issues
  • Entertainment Law
  • Intellectual Property Audits
  • Hedge Fund Formation and Administration


Case Study

A startup software company SSC has developed a system of inventory management. SSC is currently working as a consultant to a Fortune 500 company. We assisted SSC in setting up initial corporate structure, drafted the consulting agreement with its partner to ensure that SSC retains all the intellectual property rights; we filed for and obtained copyright registration and we assisted SSC in identifying possible patentable inventions. We further prepared a Private Placement Memorandum for the company to secure outside funding and negotiated the terms of the investment. We assisted the company in determining its valuation and structured the contract templates for them to use in future engagements.


Patent Litigation

The rising costs of patent litigation has caused a shift while thinking to hire an outside counsel. We combine our large law firm experiences of defending Fortune 100 corporations from patent infringement accusations and representing non-practicing entities (“NPE”) to provide representation that makes business sense.

For Defendants targeted by NPEs, we recognize that a no costs sparred defense does not always make sense and may even be counterproductive. We have the expertise in defending and representing NPEs to achieve the best business solution. With client’s prior approval and full consent, when appropriate, we outsourced some of the routine work to further reduce the cost and obtain superior results.

For Plaintiffs, we offer flexible fee arrangements. For clients who have a need for copyright or patent enforcement but may not wish to expend the high costs traditionally associated with patent lawsuit, we offer creative solutions such as contingent fee, blended fee, flat fee, and other fee solutions. This aligns the out interests with that of the client by sharing in the risks and rewards.