At Kalara Law Firm, we strive to help our clients achieve their objectives with knowledge, skill, and passion while maintaining the highest level of ethics.

We are a recognized leader in providing legal services to the creative and business communities, and those who are creating new frontiers on the Internet and with new forms of media.

As business, entertainment, and entrepreneurship have become global in nature, our client services now reach across all borders. The firm’s practice encompasses intellectual property causes including copyright, trademark, trade dress, patent, licensing, unfair competition, trade secrets and information protection, rights of publicity and privacy, and related commercial matters. Our clients reflect the diverse economic and creative interests of our community from Fortune 500 companies to individual artists.

What sets KLF apart? We believe that a boutique firm focused on
providing excellent client service in specific areas of the law provides a desirable alternative to the ever-growing numbers of over-lawyered and over-staffed law firms where only the largest clients can truly find a home.

Our growth only comes in response to client needs not to rankings in legal publications. We set ourselves apart by providing flexible arrangements for our representation with our clients whose needs are never simply the same. At the same time we look to foster client relationships which will continue long into the future.

Please contact us at 213 785 7620 or writing to us info at kalaralaw.com.