Hi Tech IP Purchase and Sale Contracts : flat fee and value priced


Why use Kalara Law Firm for your Hi Tech IP Purchase and Sales Contracts:

  • We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating IP Asset Purchase agreements. We have drafted and negotiated 100+ IP acquisition/sale/purchase agreements over the years. Many of these were a part of the over all asset purchase and sale transactions. The total value of IP transactions that we have handled exceeds $500M. Two major ones include Halliburton purchase of Numar where Sunny Kalara was IP counsel for Halliburton; and the second major one was purchase of assets from Excite in 2002-2003 time frame.
  • We have have specialized credentials and have received certification in this area of law. Sunny Kalara has been granted a certification from the Licensing Executive Society’s education arm as Certified Licensing Professionals. The certification specifically addresses IP sale/purchase transactions issues. This is over and above our patents and trademark credentials.
  • We have performed numerous due diligence analysis for IP acquisitions. The due diligence includes verifying the ownership, ensuring that the assets are clear and also formally opining on the enforceability of the IP under purchase review. We have performed pre-acquisition due diligence and also pre-investment due-diligence.
  • Our experience in corporate law helps us address equity issues. Many IP agreements have an equity component to it. Sale of IP for a portion of the equity, or stock swap or even grant of options. We are proficient with these issues and can seamlessly integrate them in to the transaction.
  • Our understanding of the technology helps create better agreements. Hi Tech agreements rely on the understanding of technology. Most attorneys glaze over when they see acronyms. We are a high technology law firm and can spot issues that are being hidden in the name of technical jargon that most others will miss.
  • Breadth of IP assets that we have handled has been very wide. We have drafted, negotiated and reviewed agreements for standard IP matters, like patents, copyright, trademark, domain names etc., but we have also handled esoteric ones like advertisement rights, IP exploitation options, pending law suits, idea not yet reduced to writing, franchising rights, and many more.

We are open to value pricing your IP transaction agreements, i.e., pricing based on the value of the transaction and providing discounts if the transaction itself does not support the fee the firm would typically charge. We area also happy to work on flat fee arrangements that are not-open ended.

Send us a (non-confidential) schedule of assets, type of due-diligence required (if any), any special nuances that you expect in your agreements along with the total value of the transaction and we can give a cost effective, flat fee quote for the transaction.