Flat Fee Services

Our firm’s flat free services are something that not all law firms provide in the market. We offer several flat-fee packages for emerging companies.

(i) Startup in a Box. This package is designed for startup founders. It gives you almost everything that you need to get you ready to launch your company. Startup in a Box includes:

  • Initial Consultation regarding proper choice of legal entity (Corporation, LLC, S-Corp, LLP, Partnership, etc.)
  • Once we have agreed on the structure, we do preliminary name search, creating the entity, filing the proper documents with appropriate regulatory agencies
  • Basic company documents – LLC agreements, Corporation by-laws
  • Obtain EIN for banking and tax purposes
  • Various entity resolutions to open bank account and take other corporate actions
  • Issuance of stock certificate and stock ledger
  • Business License, if needed

(ii) Startup in a Box – Premium. This package includes everything that the Startup in a Box does but adds other proactive and forward-looking documents.

  • Founders contribution to the company as convertible loan
  • Multi-state entity registration
  • Multiple Founders – options and vesting agreement
  • Qualified Small Business Election to reduce your taxes when the company shares are sold (or appropriate elections to qualify for the capital gains reductions as proposed in 2010 budget)

(iii) Venture Funding Legal Package. If you are looking to raise funds for your company, you may want to consider this package. It includes:

  • Pre-investment due diligence of your company. This is to ensure that a potential investor does not find any surprises in your company structure or your IP ownership
  • Investment term sheet
  • Subscription agreement
  • Creating different series of shares for your company for investors, negotiating the final documents with the investors (up to three revisions)
  • Optional Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

(iv) Strategic IP. For almost all startups and emerging companies, Intellectual Property is their biggest asset. This package will help you create, identify, protect and grow your IP. It includes:

  • Initial Consultation to ascertain your IP position
  • Assistance in identifying and enhancing your IP (copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade dress, trade secrets, domain names)
  • Review your non-disclosure agreements, independent contractors agreement and other IP ownership agreements
  • Optional registration and perfection of your intellectual property is also available.

(v) Copyright Live. This package is specifically designed for “content creators”; website owners, photographers, and other multimedia artists. We have found that most content creators recognize the importance of registering the Copyright, but fail to do so. This package includes:

  • Initial consultation on the type of copyrightable content that you create
  • Copyright Registration of past and current content that has not been copyrighted
  • Proactive program to automatically copyright your content on quarterly, biannually or yearly basis. For example, if you have a website, we will auto-crawl the website and register the content with the copyright office on periodic basis.

(vi) General Counsel Services. Does your company need a General Counsel but the current budget cannot support it? We can provide you with General Counsel Services. You can select 2hr/month, 4hrs/month or 8hr/month services. Unused time rolls over to the next month for two months. These services are available on six-months and twelve-month contract.


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